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Many of you may know that members and visitors can subscribe to any of the community spaces using RSS.  Just pick the "Subscribe to RSS Feed" from the options menu and bring this feed into your preferred program or service. This is a great way to stay on top of new posts in a timely fashion.




Here you can see how I have arranged my Microsoft Tech Community RSS feeds, in my preferred content reader, Inoreader (other RSS readers are available) - I use Inoreader because it works well for me: 



Using RSS with the Microsoft Tech Community.jpg

You can follow just new discussions as they appear or all posts including replies, rather than go into that here, I wrote this up here.  Here you can see all posts in a feed, making it easy to follow along at a glance


RSS showing all replies Microsoft Tech Community.png

Now, depending on the service, you can mark items as a favourite for easy access, create tags to group topics, setup mobile notifications or alerts.  Might be overkill but there are a lot of possibilities.


If anyone wants to see some of this in action, I created a bundle in Inoreader, just adding some of the essential Office 365 feeds together.   It makes a reasonable demo, though it takes a free, no hassle, registration to see some of the features.


Anyway, I hope that was of some interest. RSS is a useful option in the Microsoft Tech Community and is well worth trying.

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Even i follow RSS format and they are very instant.