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Thanks - we've noted your comment about increased spam and we will look into it further. We have banned the user and removed the posts you've noted here.

Hi @EricStarker 

All the links shared with me still open, but they can no longer be answered. Is this the correct method for removing prohibited content?

@A1-A1 All these users have been banned and the posts have been moved into our spam quarantine. Sorry if that experience is not what you expected.

@A1-A1 Have you tried clearing your cache first?


Now I will close the browser ,the cache will be automatically deleted, I will check it.


Sorry, I deleted the content.


Thanks! We will look into it.
My point was to do something to avoid such in the future, as it's becoming more and more common. Here are some from today:

I know it can be hard to detect every such post, but perhaps consider putting some restrictions in place for new accounts?

@VasilMichev    " but perhaps consider putting some restrictions in place for new accounts?"

Hi, what restrictions could be effective?



Number of threads they can open in a given timeframe, or even requiring some sort of manual approval for the first threads.



Topics or answers, numerous in the hundreds every day, require considerable time to be checked manually, but this is the best method.

Well, how many of those are from newly registered accounts?
Hello all, while we apologize for the poor experience of seeing these spam messages, please note we do have automated systems in place already and we do manual spam checking as well. I've noted this thread to Allen who will provide a more detailed explanation when time allows.


Additional explanations can serve as guidelines for spammers. Currently, there are effective procedures at MTC that really work!

@VasilMichev Hello! All the four links you've provided show up in our spam quarantine and not publicly available to users. 

Hi @EricStarker 

I would ask for your opinion on my new idea. A radical change can make posts marked as (suspected spamming) unhelpful to a spammer. In addition, they will be visible to other users as untrustworthy, which will allow them to be verified more quickly. Marking every post as spam is time-consuming, especially when other posts by a given user also do not comply with the rules (spam).

@A1-A1 While I understand and respect that you've contributed an idea to the community, those ideas are best reviewed by other users to gauge their popularity and then our team can decide whether to implement an idea based on popularity and feasibility.


No need to tag me individually, I promise you our team is aware of everything posted in the Community Lounge and we review these threads regularly, but apologies if we aren't always able to respond individually.