Since you last signed into the Tech Community


New email notification looks nice from graphical design point of view, but less useful on practice. If in old style notification I may see who, when and, most important, about supplied the post without shifting on reading pane, e.g.


now I see much less


Practically I see only that new post appeared somewhere within my subscriptions. Thus with every new email I have to check reading pane where the subject and the body of the post are less accented parts.


By the way, what on practice means "Since you last signed into..."? If I signed (but don't check posts) does that mean I won't receive notification on posts appeared when I was signed in?

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@Sergei Baklan 


Thank you for the feedback, if you go into your settings and go to 'Subscriptions and Notifications' and click email format (or click here: My Settings - Microsoft Tech Community), you can change your email style from HTML (or automatic) to plain text which will revert you back to the non-pretty version. This will be very similar to the old view you had before.


Hope this helps.


Thank you, I'll try. Perhaps that fixes reading pane, but emails list stays not informative.

Hi Allen, It not working, because the subject is always the same.
Hi Nuno,

Did you try the plain text option above?


Hi Allen,


I tried:


Within the reading pane subject is also hard to recognize, it's not separated from the body.

@Sergei Baklan 


Did you try with the plain text option? When I have plain text enabled this is what I get:




@Allen , yes, it was plain text.

And yes, if someone mention me I see like in your sample, but in major part of received messages nobody mentions me, thus as


In addition, even if someone mentions me I remember quite few MTC members. Thus even in such case it's hard to recognize what that's about without the subject.

Interesting.. we didn't change the plain text language. Part of the issues is the email template system uses the same template for any subscription notification, weather that be an immediate notification or one that contains a summary so its hard to give something that's granular enough to make this insightful. We will take a look and see what we can do.

Thank you. Just in case that's how the body looks like in its middle part.



Hi @Allen,


Is immediate notification as shown on the below image.


And also in the past TechCommunity has changed something on the sent emails that Outlook does not treat the emails like a Thread like before.


 Screenshot 2021-04-06 163031.png

I used to know what Techcommunity was alerting me/what basic subject so I could scan topics. Now EVERYTHING comes with this non helpful "Since you last signed into the Tech Community". Please put back some sort of indicator as to what forum/blog property has sent the alert.
It just changed on Monday so that every notification has exactly the same subject line. Can't you go back to the old email template system that was more helpful to know what notification you received?
When i am not the first one to complain, then it must be really bad :)

Since you last signed into doesn't make sense when it comes for every notification. This is not summary.
Same title is very not helpful
I also don't like that huge image at the top. Now i always have to scroll down to get to the part i really care about. And on mobile this is just horrible. It puts that "Since you last" vertically. So it looks like
etc. So i have to scroll a lot to get to the message. Pixel XL, stock Android 10.

I can try the plain text format, but i like to have links in the emails and some sort of formatting. And why do i have to change to plain text. Just use some sort of focus groups to test your changes. I want to focus on getting information and discussion things with people here instead of fighting through your never changing design experiments lately..

I know @Allen will you please listen to us users, we liked the old title for the subscriptions. Will you please put it back to the way it was??


With you @wroot @Sergei Baklan @Susan Bradley @Nuno Silva 


I dunno if only they would listen :p

Hopefully you have now all seen that put the subject of the email back to the old way is exactly what we have done.

The issue with the text getting squashed on mobile devices is actually an issue with how some mail clients handle the scaling of mail and we are looking to see what we can do to help here. Unfortunately its not like a website where we can simply hide the image for certain screensizes.

Have you only done this for html variant? I have switched to plain text and notification for this message came with "Since you".

Btw, i am using Outlook on my phone :p



Isn't that just because the subject of the post is Since you last signed into the Tech Community?? I deleted the dots from the original post so you can see it changed.

Ah, yes :D Not a best name for this post :)