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This might have been suggested or discussed already. I would have searched for it in the community, but search really needs to improve. 

I would expect that if I used quotes around a search string, it would look for the phrase. e.g. searching for "follow a channel" in the Microsoft Teams space should return results for posts with "follow a channel" in the title or body of the post, or reponses. 

Instead it returns posts with the words "follow", "a", "channel", in close proximity to each other.

Then when I try to sort the results to see if there are any recent posts with that phrase, I get results with "a".

For now, I'll go ahead and post my question, regardless of whether it has been asked or not, because I cant quickly find if there is an existing discussion.

But can I ask, will this standard search feature be available in the community soon? 

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Hi @Darrell Webster thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I can replicate your issue and will be working on making improvements so you can do standard boolean search requests.  Will let you know of ETA.

In general it works, but not in direct way.

With empty search string click on Advanced Search options, write into the With the exact phrase box your search string like Follow a channel (without quotes), click Refine Search.


Search returns 5 results (more exactly five conversations where you may find the phrase).


Yes, that's not how we usually use search...

We're changing the search to improve this functionality. 


Also, it's worth taking a look at this page to better understand how search works here:



Hi Michael,


That works fine now, thank you.