RSS feed parameters?

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I'm setting up my new RSS reader and I'd like to also have the history in my reader.


I know that I can pass the size parameter to the RSS endpoint, like so:


But a size of 200 does not cover the entire blog post history. This is only good for daily aggregation, although 25 should be enough on an hourly basis. Anyway, when I increase the number, at a certain point I receive a "Gateway Timeout: The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server."


I'm wondering if there are more parameters to shape the returned RSS result. Perhaps even pagination?


I know that there is a parameter label and a parameter board. I tried if there is a parameter page, but there isn't. Is pagination available with your RSS plugin? Or perhaps, if you could share the list of options I have, that would be greatly appreciated!

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@Daniel Niccoli ,


Thanks for your post, The RSS fee is not supposed to be a feed of articles for all eternity, it is designed to be more like a news ticker. The theoretical maximum number of articles you can pull at once is 1000 but after 200 the system will throttle your request to prevent exactly what you're trying to do and not risk the system availability for other users.


There are no other options or variables you can pass into the RSS feed, it's just not designed to do what you're trying to do with it, apologies for any inconvience.