Replying auto-mentions


It seems that any new replies I create are auto-prepended with a mention, is this the expected behavior now and is there any way to toggle it on/off?

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There is no way to toggle it off, we had feed back from numerous MVPs, employees and other members that they would like to auto mention to save time and make it clearer who their reply is for hence why we have implemented it.

We could implement such a toggle, Please create an idea for it and we will review it based on the number of upvotes it gets. Would love to hear in the idea why having it auto implemented is a pain point though.

It's just unnecessary, if I want to mention someone, I can easily do it, no need for the system to try to do it on my behalf. And it will result in double the amount of notifications :)


Anyway, I guess I'll learn to live with it.

Hey Vasil,

Not everyone has your prowess with the community :). Seriously though, it may help with engagement by notifying users when a comment meant for them has been posted. So on that front I agree it may well increase notifications which, for most users, may not be to intrusive, I can see though that notifications might become high for super users such as yourself if you get notified on every reply to your comments.

The problem with that is a toggle would only stop you auto mentioning, not anyone else so it’s not going to impact your notifications.

You could change your email settings for notifications here:

I don’t know if that would help you much