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I see new conversations interface - so far so good after few minutes of working with it. But first thing which stopped me - i found no way to download attached to the post file, did i miss something?


No announcement of what was changed. It looks like "unread posts" is still in progress.





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Well, it's prettier now, but I miss the preview functionality. I interact with the Tech community mainly from the browser, and being able to see the first few lines of a post/reply was great, can we get an option for this maybe?

Yes, agree, it will be great to have such setting.


By the way, found in settings "Jump to first unread post in a topic". Or it was before and i dind't use?

Just for the history - in new conversations interface all except MVP:s are from Microsoft (blue cycle)




I guess update is still in progress...

And this is mobile interface




And this is the UI to download images (and to do even more...):


2017-06-11 00_15_28-Microsoft Edge.jpg

Hi Salvatore,


That's if the image is within the text of the message. I found no difference compare to what was before, did you?


Still have no idea how to open/download the file attached to the post.

Hi Sergei.

Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant.

Attaching a file to this post for testing...

Yes, now I see what you mean. Very odd...

@Anna Chucan you help?

Perhaps most affected Excel community where attachments are in practically every conversation. 


Does anyone know what happened to the ability to navigate to the Next Discussion? There used to be a link below the orginal post that would allow us to move to the next discussion. Now we have to go back to the main list, which is not efficient. 

@Anna Chu

Hi everyone, thanks for reaching out.  A post to come with full details on the latest updates.  I'll respond to each of the points in the thread above:

  • @Sergei Baklan: That is indeed a bug.  We're working on fixing it so you will be able to download attached files.
  • Unread posts now have a red strip on the left which you can see at the Community and Space levels.
  • @Vasil Michev: Preview you can see when inside a Community and in the all-up Tech Community feed.  We're working on updating the preview functionality within a space so posts in preview are the 1-3 most recent replies.  You will notice there are icons now to indicate when a post contains a video, link and image.  You'll also notice there is a pin in the top right to indicate if this is a featured post, and a check mark to indicate there is a 'Best Response' in the conversation.
  • Updated the 'rings': 
    • Super Contributors and above set to Gold
    • Regular Contributors to Occasional Contributors set to Silver
    • New Contributors and below set to Black
  • @Sergei Baklan: Thanks for reporting the bug on pagination for mobile.  Was able to replicate and will fix.
  • @Dean Gross: We're working on restoring the 'Previous/Next Conversation' functionality to the bottom of the post.  Seems to be consistently the function that drops whenever we push an update - it is not on purpose.  We're on it!

Hi @Anna Chu, thanks for this update.


IMHO, attachments issue is the most critical bug, hope your team will fix it soon.


I found no red strips near the unread posts. Instead their subjects are in bold in "new" Space list interface, no changes at other places.




Please clarify.

Quick question for you @Sergei Baklan - are you using Internet Explorer to view the Tech Community?

Nope, Vivaldi

Thanks Sergei, hear you on priorities.  We're working on fixing attachment download.


Regarding supported browsers, we test the Tech Community on the top 5 most used browsers worldwide - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge.  These browsers represent 95% of usage worldwide.  We're doing the best we can to support the majority of users, but have to prioritize our efforts for maximum impact.  Any chance you can opt for any one of the five mentioned?

@Anna Chu, no problem,


In Edge i found no difference compare to Vivaldi






IE version.JPG


the interface is totally broken




I'm on



@Anna Chu, for the collection i checked with Opera (46.0.2597.14), practically no difference with Vivaldi and Edge. 

Well yeah, the bolding of "unread" items is hard to spot, and with the lack of preview it's even harder to remember which ones I've read already. Plus, the bolding doesnt seem to persist across sessions.


@Sergei Baklan I'm browsing the community over IE and I dont see the glitches you posted above.

@Vasil Michev, I checked today IE on my corporate PC and it works more or less okay. The only point i practically can't differ bolded and unbolded text in it. In other browsers that's bit better, but also not a big difference.


As I remember that's an old issue with IE, we have to add or remove something in sites list for trusted zone, after that it works. Perhaps that was done on corporate PC and I have to correct settings on my Surface. But I practically don't use IE, thus don't care. Keep it mainly for compatibility, some seldom sites still workd better in IE.