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Edit message is a feature currently on the roadmap for Yammer and should be available soon.  :)

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Is there a way to mark a post as a reply to another post?  The way I'm doing things, it looks like one stream of posts. 


BTW, I used edit for the first time today and my goodness was that nice.  :)

We agree- the threading needs work. It's something we're working on and hope to release soon. 

I noticed I can't like a post or a reply without hitting "View Full Conversation" even if the entirety of the post AND reply are already viewable without any expansion.
Also, once I "View Full Conversation"... when I'm done with it, I've lost where I'm at. It kicks me back out to my choice of which entire board I'm reading, and I've lost my place in scanning the full queue of available posts to review.
What about @mentions? At least that could give a context to replies.

This is presumably not a Yammer question but an Office 365 Network Question? So is there a way to move Threads to the correct group :)

And can the Edit message option be ported to Yammer please :)

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Hi Mitch, yes we can move threads to the correct board, and since you asked I will move this conversation to the Community Questions section. 


Thank you!

Oops, I made a mistake and bumped Tom's reply to the top of this thread. My apologies.

In summary:

- Edit for Yammer is coming soon.
- Threading for this community needs work and we're taking it seriously.
- You can move conversations and when done right (ie not in this case), it works as it should.
That is about the only thing that is nice in this forum (: