"Email me when someone replies" doesn't work

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There's a little checkbox 'Email me when someone replies' under each blog post. I have it checked, I post comments, but I never got a single e-mail notification to the blog posts I commented.


What's the point of this thing? Does it work? 


All my subscription settings are at defaults (way too many for a broken feature).

My e-mail is and there's nothing in Spam or filtered otherwise.

I have restarted my PC, etc :)



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Hi @Vadim Sterkin ,


Welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community. I have had a review of your settings and I think I have found why you are not receiving these emails.



As you can see above you have the 'Don't send me any community emails' setting ticked.


You can see this by clicking your profile picture -> My Settings -> Email


Let me know if you have any further problems or this doesn't solve it for you.