"Correct highlighted errors" but there ain't any

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Just calling your attention, my friends, to a weird occasional occurrence.


Every once in a while I get this kind of thing asking me to correct highlighted errors and try again. Trouble is, no errors are highlighted in the message! So I'm left to fend for myself. Usually I find that if I ignore and just keep trying to post, it eventually will post, with nothing having been changed.


Down at the bottom you'll see a reference saying "invalid HTML was found in the message body" -- which is interesting because I've not actually entered any HTML myself; any and all formatting was done using the tool bar that appears at the top of the message box, so whatever HTML is present was created by the message board software itself, the very software that is now correcting itself....



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Thanks @mathetes for flagging this. I haven't seen this myself. However, that doesn't mean it's not an issue necessarily.

I'm going to try reposting your question to https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/community-lounge/ct-p/Community-Info-Center to see if someone there can help.
I certainly went though a phase where, every time I tried to post, the first time through gave the error message and it was corrected by the second attempt. I got to the point where I assumed the message was a normal part of 'cleaning' any post. I haven't seen it for a while though. Other than it seemed to be more prevalent when cutting and pasting to a message from other sources, I never did pin down the cause.

Hi @mathetes 

The MTC forum is supported by AI - it is the algorithm that sends notifications - so this explains such behavior (anything unexpected can cause it)


From end user point of view it doesn't matter what is behind - AI algorithm or average Joe who sends notifications. Whatever it'll be it shall be improved.

@Sergei Baklan 

I am exposing my age and Luddite tendencies here.  I have faith in the 'average Joe', who might return a 5% error rate because he is bored out of his mind.  To really foul things up takes AI.  One only has to look at Microsoft LinkedIn to see the manner in which a logical exchange of ideas can be converted into a garblegram! 

@Peter Bartholomew 

With my below average English skills it was hard to understand what the "Luddite" and "garblegram" are. Google helped. Finally yes, agree.


It is likely that one of your browser extensions, could cause , is Edge the default browser in Windows? 

I would rather check everything in my computer!

"Down at the bottom you'll see a reference saying "invalid HTML was found in the message body" -- which is interesting because I've not actually entered any HTML myself"

I'm on Macs (plural; I have and use three different Macs, depending on time and place)...and generally use Safari, the default Apple browser. This odd error condition does not happen all the time, as noted, only sporadically.
Thank you, the Safari environment can cause this, so this is hardly a problem of the MTC website..
The AI settings are correct -> I think they may occasionally report an error.