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Hi there,

Has anybody else shared feedback about the notification emails you are sending to us, when something happening to the thread we are following? When I'm receiving the notification it looks like following:

TC Forum - Too big font.png

As you can see, I do not see the message even on the first view.


The size of the font in the first subject is 24px, next 18px, and then later the font on the message itself is 10px.


The first proposal is to drop the font size from 24 >> 16 and 18 >> 12.


You could also ask, if the first subject is even needed as it is on the "subject of the email", but also later on the body the subject is mentioned. Could it be so, that you have that picture, but lower and wider? And it is still looks good.

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Thanks for posting this @Petri X It is something I find incredibly annoying having to scroll down almost a full screen of "title" before seeing the content! It made me wonder if the person who designed the email template actually tested it on the Windows Mail app! Opening a Tech Community email on Outlook on my phone means scrolling up two full screens. Ridiculous.



This topic has already been discussed - I will add a link in which at the end of the discussion I gave a possible solution - you need to change the default notification settings in the MTC Member profile - it is not ideal, but it is worth checking - how it works.

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