problems logging in from different computer

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Hi guys,


I tried to sign in today but am unable to signin to this site using a new browser window clean install.

It gives me the signin options and seems to login but after it still stays signin.


this is a older browser where i was still logedin that is how i can send this message.


Please let me know when it is fixed tried it on 2 different computers windows and mac just to be sure it was not a computer problem.


CC: @Anna Chu@Dylan_Snodgrass





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Hi @Deleted.

I had the same problem in the last three days: I was unable to actually sign in, because after entering the credentials it stayed in sign in.

I sent a private message about the issue to a couple of MS guys, yesterday.

This morning, though, everything works ok (I don't know if the MS guys have done something to fix the problem or not...).