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I've had two private messages from Microsoft in about a week, advertising events which I assume have been broadcast to many members. I have mixed feelings about these, in some respects, I feel it's not suitable for sending out private messages for these though they could be useful for some members.  One of them was for an event not even in my continent to attend a local Microsoft Technology Center!


It'd be interested in knowing what others feel about this and whether this is going to carry on for the next round of events like Ignite and Tech Summit?

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I got one for the SharePoint Virtual Summit last week but that's the only one I received. I don't think I minded that particular direct invitation because that event is cost-free and remote, and I think I've seen enough complaints about long-standing pinned forum posts that I can understand why Microsoft might have wanted to try this route instead.

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Thanks Cian, that's valuable feedback as we determine the best way to promote our events. We'll try to ensure that events are online/available to our members and not limited by geography.