Presentations of Ignite 2018 sessions?

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I am trying to find out where to look for presentations of sessions I am attending. I assume they are or will be available? 

I see lots of people taking screen shots of presentation screen during the session and that kind of seems should not be required. 


Can anyone please point me to right place or let me know? 

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We are also interested in retrieving presentation slides.  In previous years, these were available after the presentation completed.  We use these slides to educate our executives.

Yes, presentations will be available for each session.


You can access them on MyIgnite. If you're attending in person, you'll be able to access them as soon as they are available for each session (not yet but soon).


If you're not in attendance (or virtually attending), they will be available for everyone on October 1st.



Thanks Eric,


I am attending in person and its okay if we have to wait till 1st.  I am still not sure where to look for presentations once they are available. Will there be a link under each session or video? 


If you can please let us know where to look for, it will allow me to check. (So far I cant find any presentation from day 1)  We also use these presentation to educate peers and business. 



Please I am interested in downloading presentation slides and will appreciate any clue to that too.

Yes, presentations will be available under each link. We've been informed that all presentations will be there by October 2 for non-attendees and attendees can access them as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience.

Well, it's October, 4th - and I still haven't had any idea where to find the slide decks & videos of the presentations...


HI Eric 


can you advise me where to find the slidedecks. please one exampe wit a link so I know how to find it

I was attending the ignite in person.

many thanks



I attended Ignite 2018, and I am seeing slide decks and videos for most presentations, but nothing so far for a couple that I attended (BRK2412 and BRK2442).  Any ETA on those?

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l apologize for the delay on the ones missing. The decks and videos for all sessions missing will be available soon, and you'll be able to find them individually linked from MyIgnite.


Here is an example of where you would find a deck and video from a session:

I'm going through my Ignite schedule trying to download slide decks and videos to educate my colleagues and I'm finding that a lot of the videos either generate a "cannot process request" or are extremely slow and won't load or download. With the decks, I can download but it's extremely slow. I tried on 2 different machines on 2 different networks with no luck. 


Anyone else having this issue?

The slide decks are downloading quickly for me but the few videos I've tried to download give me a generic error message: "An error occurred while processing your request"

@Jeff Khoubesser @Chaz Weber Can you link me to a couple of sessions where you've had this trouble? I'll forward that on to the production team. 

I am interested in the slide deck and video too

Thanks for the examples. I've passed this onto the team and will share here when we have an update. 

Is it possible that they have removed content from the presentations?

I downloaded the presentation of the talk BRK3076, but in the video there is a link to the download of the demo content and in the downloaded presentation there is no such link.

Has it happened to someone with any other presentation? How did you solve it?

GitHub resourceGitHub resourceNo GitHub resourceNo GitHub resource

I believe the download issues should be resolved. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

Still having issues whilst downloading the slides. I get a "PowerPoint needs to repair this file" message from some of the slides.