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PROBLEM (PP): 1 Classification: -
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: xxx on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


First you show me every 3 sec 


which is pretty annoying, where i need to write only my email, no password


2) is annoying that edit comments doesn't work sometimes, even if i retry 20x. i see this multiple times.


3) to find this community is difficult, since is not available here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/communities/ct-p/communities


4) is annoying that PROBLEM (PP): 1 Classification: xxx is written as PROBLEM (PP:( 1 Classification: xxx sometimes


5) thanks for fixing the link AND link problem


6) i cannot search inside tags and labels





delete is not available




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@edgesuggestions Yes, in some posts "delete " option is gone. :(

Problem PP classification !? what are you even talking about.



Of course Edge is in the community list, you need to Search for it or scroll down.

obviously can't show all 110 communities in 1 page.




we are not on /edge but on /community so /edge has nothing to do with that




I know, but your grammar and the way you wrote the sentence suggested you can't find Edge community.


This community here is always shown at the top, just click on Lounge




@HotCakeXNuh-uh for me:


I have to click on the three lines and then scroll to the bottom. There it says "Lounge" and how many members are registered, how many are online, and the number of active discussions.

Yeah thats when the page is zoomed in or the device screen is small. the website is responsive.