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Hi, when looking at a list of posts/questions, there is a preview of a reply. Posting a new reply to an older post brings the post to the top of the list, but for some reason, an older reply is showing in the preview.


Can this please be changed to to show the latest reply to the question?  It seems that replies with the most Likes or marked as solutions are favoured in the preview, but that should not be the case if the question pops to the top of the list because of the latest reply.  This is bad UX. The sort order should make sense. If it's a chronological sort order, then the interface should show the item that caused the sort order to change.

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Thanks. I'll pass your suggestion on to our technical lead. Please feel free to post this on our Community Ideas board which is how we track these suggestions. 

@Ingeborg Hawighorst 


Can you provide some screenshots of this?


I am wondering if its simply the message cache for your list of messages has not refreshed yet. As mentioned in this post. We introduced the cache to allow people jump from the message list into a message and then back out again without having to scroll through to find the place they were at previously in the message list.


Anyway if you could share some screenshots that would let me discount this possibility. 

@Allen Here is a screenshot. It's Sep 13 already in NZ. I just replied to this message, so the preview should show the latest message, not the one from two days ago.


Before taking the screenshot, I refreshed the view with the "latest Activity" link. I'm not so sure that it's a cache thing. There are many other discussions that do not show the latest reply in the preview, and I have not cached all these replies. If someone posts a new reply to a thread that was started years ago and it pops to the top now, I still don't see the latest reply, but some other reply. That is certainly not an issue with my computer's cache. 



Thanks for the extra information, I will get our developers to look into this.

I can certainly see what your saying and its not how I would expect it to work either.

Thanks for flagging

Hi @Allen , any progress on this? It gets annoying. Latest example here: A two year old question pops up in the "recent" feed, but the visible reply is months old. 


The reply visible in the preview has no upvotes, no solution, it is in fact a follow-up question by another user. There are a dozen posts that were submitted after that one.


What determines which answer is shown in the preview? It seems to be pretty random. Can you please make this consistent and show the last reply? That would save so much time when going through the list of questions.





@Ingeborg Hawighorst @Allen I'm having the same issue on my home computer and my work laptop. Hope this will get fixed soon as it's pretty annoying.


It would also be helpful if we could see the date of the latest reply in the preview.