Post flooding error

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I created a normal post, click Post and get an error:


Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

  • Post flooding detected (community received posts of a unique message more than 1 times within 3,600 seconds)


So apparently I can't post for an hour. I've given up and gone somewhere else, this feature needs fixing, I didn't do anything odd just wrote a post and hit the post button.

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Update: in the end, I had to exit new post, saving to notepad in case it was lost, create a new post, recover from draft, then finally the post worked. Not exactly easy. I suspect the issue was caused by initially clicking post before a label was selected


Hi, exactly yes - a tag must be added. The community in which you write the post.


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I just had the same experience, looks like a new bug. In the past, I would just get a reminder to add a tag and after doing this I could submit without any issues.