Possible Bug in Likes Leaderboard

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I believe there are number of bugs in the Likes Leaderboard which is Likes Leaderboard - Microsoft Tech Community

  • It only shows one page, and we couldn't navigate to next page.
  • The leadership is incorrect, for example someone with only 8 likes is number 5, 2 likes is number 7 and someone with over 3000 likes is number 8. Here is the example:




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The change you see is announced, just the filter (last 24 hours) is currently the first, but there are actually no next pages, (maybe that's enough)?





And this is the last year, there is no mistake - I am waiting for the Confirmation of the Manager.




I remember in the past we would be able to go to next page, may for past 24 is not easy to confirm but when you visit All Time, you will see similar behavior where people with lower like are in higher position, how that is possible?
From what I know it is based on number of likes and even when I checked with number of posts and answers, I observe like people with less contributions are in higher position which I believe it is a mistake.


For me, the ranking is an unnecessary addition, but I see that some people get involved and want to be reliably classified.

below is a funny example :



Of course, congratulations to No.5 and No. 12. Indexing resources -> is indeed with an error!



Whether this feature is necessary or not is a different story and discussion.
However, like you mentioned and based on my first screenshot, we see there is an error with the ranking and if this feature going to remain in the Microsoft Technical Community, there is a need to fix it.
I checked that the filter last year, the last half of the year and others have no visible errors.
But indexing since the beginning of MTC's existence still shows incorrectly, so it's best to disable this filter and not ridicule the authority of the Microsoft Community!

Hi @A1 / @Reza_Ameri,


Here are my thoughts about the rankings in the leaderboard.


The number of posts and best responses shown on the profile card represent the overall total from all Community Hubs. However, the Hub leaderboard ranking may tally the likes and best responses for that community, not based on the overall total.  


I am unsure if this is true, but my analytical mind wonders the same thing.  It does add up - visually.