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The articles from blogs.technet have moved to this forum now, however some of the good articles that we had on blogs.technet are gone, I am unable to find them anywhere. The articles were very informative and there is no other TechNet article that explains it in that detail. Could you please help me find those or publish them here if they have not been published already.

These are some of the articles that I have been looking for:


ARP Behavior


Work Folders deployment 


DNS client behavior


There is one more article which was named "Dont be afraid of Scavenging, just be patient" I am unable to find the link for the same.




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Best use some "archive" site such as the Internet Wayback Machine

@Vasil Michev Thank you for the response, unfortunately even that is not working for me, just searched for the site, it could not find the article.

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I am also missing those articles specially the one "DON’T BE AFRAID OF DNS SCAVENGING. JUST BE PATIENT".

On doing some search, I came across [1] not the original one but yes a first copy of it.. :)
Hope it helps.





This link just worked for me with the complete article!! I copied and saved it immediately to my OneNote. I have been doing this for a bunch of old and good DNS articles that got taken down. 


I recommend using the link, or if this doesn't work, then we can probably share the copy online somewhere as a PDF with the original link reference, to show it's a quite of the entire article, and continue to share this awesome content

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