Number of Unread posts is not shown in Space Tiles


More exactly - not always. I have already mentioned that somewhere here, here is the latest sample



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And how to chase down those unread items? I'm sure those who see their question unanswered as a disappointment. As a member of the MrExcel forum, I have some expectations based on that environment. My initial impression here is that tis forum is most concerned about the most recent posts....

Agreed, the fact that we cannot easily find unread posts is tremoundously annoying.

Hi, Guys, It would be good to understand how this is happening for you, I just tried this with an unauthenticated user and they are showing up correctly and same with a "Normal" user. Can you confirm your still seeing this and if so can you give me a link to a thread that is showing as unread for you but is not showing up in the "Unread posts" count. I will then try to figure this one out :)

When I go to a Space, for example,, I see a big number. I click on the space and start scrolling, some of the posts have colored bars, gray or purple, others do not. I'm guessing that the ones that do not have a bar are ones that i have already read, but i still have to scroll by them. After reading many  of the posts and then returning to the main page for the space, the count has not changed.


I cannot figure out any way to just see the posts that I have not read.

Hi Allen,


In my case that's Excel community and Info center where i know for sure number of unread posts is not shown in tiles.

Excel community right now:

excel space.JPG

At the same time there are unread posts, i see them in RSS



and in Latest Activity

Unread post.JPG

Moreover, if i go step down on Excel Space  here the Latest Activity shown fully different. For the same latest post as above 

Read posts.JPG

In that view latest unread posts are skipped in history of conversation as well.


I repeated above both in Vivaldi and IE11, same picture.