Notifications from Microsoft Technical Community coming from non-Microsoft domain

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I noticed email notifications from the Microsoft Technical Community are coming from non-Microsoft domain (it is not like . I am wondering is this normal behavior?

Since it is public forum, I won't share the domain but I am wondering are you facing the same behavior.

For better spam management and security reason, it is better to share emails from Microsoft domains.

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What is the domain exactly?
doesn't really matter if it's a public forum, Microsoft is not hiding the domain, they are showing it to everyone already.
post the last bits if it has id or number at the beginning. the last bits are also called domain. so post everything you see after @ sign.

I am referring to the notification email from this website which will be sent to your email.

For me it is from domain.

Are you seeing the same behavior?

I am curious why it is from this domain?

if you search for Khoros on the Internet, you will see the services they provide,
as others like community manager said before, this website is using Khoros software and technologies.
what you are seeing is normal. that must be their Email server's address.

Are you seeing the email from the same domain too? 

I get Microsoft Community e-mails from that domain (, as well. It would be nice of them to mention it somewhere on this website so we'd know that updates should come from something that isn't a Microsoft domain; if it is mentioned somewhere, I missed it. When I checked around for Khoros, I saw that they work with Microsoft products, but didn't find anything stating that they were an official partner who handled communications for the community. Even if it did, if that statement isn't coming from Microsoft, they or literally anyone else could say that they are. I never would've imagined Microsoft would use an outside domain for something like this!

I shared an idea in the Microsoft Technical Community which is the following:
You may upvote it and in case anyone is agreed with this idea, please upvote and support the idea.