Notifications do not lead to comments

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For a past week or so i have noticed that if i click on a link in email notification or on a notification in the bell menu on top, it will just open the article, but will not scroll to the comment that was posted or my comment that was liked. Anyone seeing same thing? Using latest Firefox on Windows 10.

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Hi, now I checked in Edge works everything correctly - maybe write reviews to fix it in the browser you are using.

You can try with other browser, I don't see this issue in chrome.
I don't want to use another browser. It was working fine in Firefox before. Just tried in a fresh profile and it is the same. Interestingly, notification link to replies in discussions work correctly and scroll down to comment. But this is not working in blog articles for some reason.
Notifications do not lead to comment in mobile Chrome either. So it is not just Firefox issue.
Just tried in Edge and it is the same thing. I click on a bell, i click on someone liking my comment or new comment and it just loads article, but doesn't scroll down to relevant comment. Fix your website. It is already 3 months since report.
Noticed today in Firefox, that when i clicked on notification about receiving a like it opened blog article and after loading for a few seconds scrolled down to my comment and even flashed a border around it. Tried different notifications. Most of the time it works, but not always. I think it fails when there are multiple pages of comments. But this is an improvement. Worked in mobile Chrome as well.
It doesn't work when new comment or like is on a second page as it loads the initial page that only has 1st page of comments.

@wroot  I am having the same problem, and it's infuriating. I can't find anything online about how to fix it