Notifications counter


Usually I don't care about it, prefer to check unread posts (another headache). Just found it countdown now


It was 99+, next 97, next 94, etc. What actually it shows?

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I think the bigger problem is the long delay of notifications - it is faster
use the email to click and reply than wait for the notification on the MTC website
Please share your opinion on such an important matter.


I don't have any opinion about notificator since don't use it. Even if it reacts immediately, I'd prefer unread posts and emails. Notifications are only about discussions I directly involved, but I prefer to check everything. One community practically on daily basis, few others on weekly basis.

I think it shows unread replies to posts/articles that you commented on, also likes. At least this is what i get in there. I don't like that it is slow to refresh. Even if you check notifications and continue browsing it still shows same number for a while. So maybe why you saw it as a "countdown". You just read some unread reply, which was on this list and after some time it got subtracted from the total.


I didn't dig too deep, but my impression counter value doesn't depend on read I some posts after they were counted in notifications, or not. My guess was after 99 something wrong happens with arithmetic. 

I wish I could disable that counter. It's one of my long-time pain points with the tech community.