Notification Menue broken

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can somebody help me with my techcommunity menue. The notification menue is broken and it looks like this: 



what can I do to fix it?

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Hi, the site is currently being rebuilt, so these may be temporary bugs.
greetings :)

@Andre Radtke 


Apologies for that, whatever is broken in your notifications feed is not related to the updates we were doing to the site (but thanks for trying to help @A1 ). We are still sorting some of the issues created by the update and once that's sorted I will make some time to come back and figure out what has broken your notifications. 


Apologies in advance for the delay and inconvenience. 


Thank you both @Allen and @A1
It was broken for over a week, and as soon as we talked about it, it's fixed. Schrödinger's cat :D

good to hear that it already works for you