No response to a post - how can I attract the attention of someone at Microsoft?

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Last Fall I posted about a problem some Win 11 Insider Preview users are having installing our product, but got no responses. We can't reproduce the problem in a test environment, and the issue occurs in a Microsoft component, so we could really use some help from someone at Microsoft.

Any suggestions as to how to get their attention?


Scott Smith
Immersed, Inc.

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As a heads up, Tech Community does include a number of employees but isn't directly a support channel - but if you link the thread here, we can do our best to help.

Hi @scottseansmith - Please consider enrolling your product in the Test Base program. The program enables you to test and gain insights without having to set up and maintain your own testing environment and is great at providing details about install/uninstall and launch processes in particular. 

Hi Eric. Seriously, THANKS for responding! I've not been able to make any progress on this at all since it first showed up.

Here are links to my two posts on this:

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Hi Heather,

Thanks for the response. We're enrolled in the Windows 11 Insider Preview program and also AppCenter Analytics and Crashes, but I wasn't aware of TestBase. I've checked them out, and if I'm reading past the marketing-speak correctly, it sounds like we'd be able to set up test machines on the cloud and even automate some of the testing. Since getting OS images and setting up VMs is a major part of my total testing effort, this would potentially be huge.
I've emailed the team to ask whether our use of our own Windows service and display driver would be an issue.

Thanks for the heads-up!

@scottseansmith - You understand correctly. :smile: It's a valuable program; I hope you can take advantage of it!