No Ignite 2018 content?

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I was provided some session links from a Microsoft employee linking to to review however any attempts to access this location results in just a blank screen, I have attempted using multiple browsers and several systems and they all behave the same.  Is there something wrong?  I receive no error or other message, just a blank screen.  

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Works fine here, I've been watching few sessions per day for weeks now. Make sure your company isn't blocking the site for some reason.

I had tried that as well, I attempted to access it via my cell phone and on a Verizon Mifi separate from the corporate FW.

@Christopher Kubiak, where are you based? (Wondering in case your location is blocking access to it.) 

This is happening to me as well

Tampa Bay, Florida.  Is the content only for registered attendees of this years Ignite?   I get some HTML content but nothing renders on the screen.  Manually launching all of the HREF links to the various CSS and JS files all appear to load the content.  Otherwise no other error\message just a white screen.