New mobile notifications are worse

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A few days ago redesign happened (white bar at the top instead of older black one) and on mobile it now behaves differently (although on desktop it still works the same, so i'm puzzled why such discrepancy was introduced). Before that it was enough to press on a bell to quickly see notifications and you didn't have to move from your current place/post. Now you first have to press on your avatar, then press on Notifications. Two steps process and it takes you away from the current place. It also still shows a red icon with 0 after you read all notifications, which is distracting.

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Even on desktop, when you press the bell and press somewhere else, it still shows the red number until you refresh. Before that it was clearing immediately.
And now the same crappy mobile notifications system is on the desktop site. Click twice and go away from current page. Yeah, this is more convenient than just glancing at the notifications quickly..



We made this change primarily to simplify the code base and speed up page load times. This was essential for the 'message' button because it was the primary cause of pages still loading slowly. Notifications could have stayed in the toolbar, and we made revert that if there is enough feeling about it, but we decided if we were going to change then lets go all in and collect feedback.


I am a little puzzled about the black vs white comment in your earlier post though Oleg.. this change today is the first change we have made to the notification system since 2017!


Let me know if you can share more Information. 



My first post is from year ago and it was about website on mobile. I think i was talking about the whitebar you now see throughout the whole site with Microsoft logo in the middle.



Ah understand, unfortunately we must remain consistent with the general UI of other Microsoft pages so moving to the white bar was always going to happen.

I don't care about the color of the bar. I only mentioned it to indicate that redesign happened :) Btw, fishing out notification emails from this site from Junk all the time is getting frustrating..



Is this a recent development?




Can you forward me some samples of these emails to with the subject "FAO: Allen Smith" and I will pass it on to our engineers to investigate.


If possible, please keep the original email headers intact.


Any update on the notifications emails going to Junk?



We spent some time working with our vendor to resolve this issue and it is now fixed. Unfortunately, we have had to change the email address our notifications come from in the process.

As of now all community notifications will come from '' instead of

Ah, i wondered why nothing was in Junk mail today. It went to my spam filter of another email i forward to from Fixed that now :) Thanks