My Microsoft community is block

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My Mircosoft community si Block. Someone can help me to understand what happened and what I need to do to fix it?

I didn't do anything... I was adding some discussion like here...

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Hello! Can you let us know which community you are blocked on?

Is it this one, Microsoft Tech Community? (

Or a different one, maybe

@Nico140279 Thanks for clarifying. This is the Microsoft Tech Community, and we're really only able to help with questions around the Microsoft Tech Community in the Tech Community Discussion space.


We recommend for this question. 

@Nico140279 We reached out to their team, and your account was banned for posting off-topic content promoting your business. You can create a new account as long as you don’t use it for self-promotion. 

Ok thanks so much and sorry about that I didn't know. @Eric Starker