MVP User Group Event Posting


Can an MVP post his User Group online events on this site?

I would be nice to attract audience.



Maximo Trinidad

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Hi Maximo - certainly he can. Best that he posts them in the product community spaces e.g. if it is a SharePoint User Group then post content in the SharePoint space within the SharePoint Community. We are working on a more open event strategy that supports more than just Microsoft Ignite. With Microsoft Ignite 2 weeks away we have lots to do but definitely plan to support more community led events in the future.
Thanks Ann for the reply. Looking forward to do more on this site. :)

Hi Anna,

   I am hoping that we will not be restrained to one group.  Some of our groups tend to cross over into multiple topics.

@Kevin York


Your not restricted to one group but I would ask you to be mindful and not spam the community. We also have a new Community Events Directory which will soon contain information about up coming Community organized events and we will share more information on how to get events added to the Community Events Directory in due course.