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I have several tenants and so now have at least two accounts here on the technical community. Is there any way to combine or some guidance on which account to use?

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I decided to use a personal account so that I won't be affected if a tenant account closes or I change jobs.

Agree that is the only approach, I will have to set up another account (my third now). Just seems wrong (and annoying) to have to login with a hotmail account to talk about O365

Anyone heard an update on this? I have two, and I'm getting confused.

@DIANE KENNEDY    No, nothing.  Just signed in with the wrong trousers, sorry account and see your reply.  So adding another ONE YEAR LATER - do these guys ever listen?

Another decade passes with no response or help :(

@theDavidSlight Sorry this got missed until now!

We do have some published guidance about this:


Unfortunately if you have a work account and leave that company or no longer have access to it, your work does own that account and we can't merge or transfer information from that account to a new one (aside from your contributor level and any roles you have received).


It is true that a personal account will follow you a little further, and we *can* migrate a login email address from a personal account to another personal account (i.e. hotmail to outlook), but not a work to another work or personal. Sorry for any hassle there.

Thanks @ericstarker (sorry can never get @mentions to work) but you can see this means that the stats on usage etc must be way off given all these random and disconnected accounts :)