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Did I miss something, you count four for one or so?

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@Sergei Baklan Hi

Yes you are right there is a mistake!



Thanks, we're aware of the discrepancy and we are looking into it.
Thanks all, We now know what is causing this issue, we fixed it last month (or so we thought!). Unfortunately its taking us a bit longer to implement a fix, as we don't want to have to do this again next month. I will of course post updates as they become available.
So latest update is we are rolling out the fix and you will already be seeing numbers returning to normal. We are not done quite yet but expect to be fixed by 1pm PST.

Thanks all


Yes - it has been fixed!

Zrzut ekranu 2021-09-22 230406.png


Unfortunately this has not been fixed - now I saw that there is still a comma!

Zrzut ekranu 2021-09-23 184348.png



I am not sure I follow, we have confirmed this issue is closed and the numbers at the bottom are now accurate again.

Doesn't it seem correct in 1 day 160 000 Members arrived?
I did not enter a comma, or maybe I should too?
Well before all this started we had 689K members so a growth of 20k members in 4 days is a little high but not much higher than normal.
In my opinion, there is an inappropriate spelling formula and it is the comma that is key here to fix it. 160000 Members or 160,000 Members
I am sorry I really do not understand the issue here. 160000 members is the same as 160,000 members except 160,000 members is easier to read i.e.:

1,632,123 vs 1632123
1,250 vs 1250
654,342,123,854 vs 654342123854

Please do let me know if I am missing something

@Sergei Baklan 



I took my screenshot 20 hours earlier so about 160000 Members arrived.

If we write a comma in numbers, it's not to read better - I think we'll see in a few days how it will work

No we didn't add 160,000 members in 20 hours we were still fixing the issue when you commented to say it was fixed.

When you posted your screenshot there was 534,546 members but before the bug started affecting it we were at 689,000 members so when you posted we were still missing 154,000 members.

We only confirmed this issue was fixed at 4am PST today (7 hours ago).

Hope that helps.

Unfortunately, this does not convince me.
Could this be a regional issue? I could provide you a number of links of why adding a comma to large numbers is appropriate. Here's one:
This is how we use periods most often - certainly not commas.
Thank you


thank you the repair continues.Zrzut ekranu 2021-09-24 101127.png

@Allen wrote:
No we didn't add 160,000 members in 20 hours...

That could be a target!!!