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I work for a school that is 100% online. Many of our teachers have been using OfficeMix to prepare curriculum.  They have embedded links, videos, etc.  We recently started the migration to Stream and have come across some issues.  When playing in Stream, I am not able to access the links posted on each page.  I am also not able to click from one page to another in the stream.  Could someone please help with settings or information?  

Also, is Office Stream embeddable into Canvas?  Canvas is our schools Learning Management System and was able to integrate with Office Mix.....

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Hi Heather, I'd suggest posting this elsewhere so more members get to see it and might be able to help.  Here are a few places, that are worth checking out with dedicated communities:


I started having a look but probably nothing you haven't seen already:

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The option to embed into Canvas has been asked for I see - LTI or other Integration and can be voted here as a product feedback suggestion.


Good luck!

Thank you:)  I have been able to migrate the office Mixes to Office Stream, but this is only a video.  I lose the functionality of being able to click on links or videos in the newly migrated mix.  I have found that if I download it as a PowerPoint, I am able to either use an embed code or use as an external Office 365 tool to add to our canvas courses.  

Glad you found a workaround of sorts. More features are coming Stream to support Office Mix like content but it may take a while:

When will Microsoft Stream support interactive quizzes and analytics?

We are working to bring interactivity to the Microsoft Stream video player so you can build, upload, play back, and share more Mix-like content on Microsoft Stream (that includes quizzes, ability to jump to different parts of the presentation, and more). Over time, we'll enhance the analytics capabilities for videos on Microsoft Stream. For more information about the current capabilities of Microsoft Stream, please click here.

I feel your pain!  If your mixes were created in Power point, here is an easy solution is to convert your Mixes to Google Slides.  It literally takes less than 2 minutes and you can share with links or embed the slides to your Canvas pages the same as with Mix.  Also, links are live AND your updates go live immediately.  Here is a link to the instructional video that I used to convert my mixes:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+embed+a+power+point&docid=608004158262938426&mid=17E4E87...

I hope it helps!