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In the later part of last year, we started our Microsoft Tech Community Live events. These events were designed to be readiness events and opportunities for you to learn about the latest and greatest, as well as get some facetime from our product team members. 

We have held 5 so far, they are:

Tech Community Live : Windows Edition 

Tech Community Live : Microsoft Teams Edition

Tech Community Live : Microsoft Viva Edition

Tech Community Live : Microsoft Endpoint Manager Edition

Tech Community Live : Surface Edition


So far the feedback we have had from these events has been really positive and those that attended found them generally informative. 


For those who have not attended a Tech Community Live is usually a series of 3/4 webinar style events where our product teams talk over some of the new features of their products and help answer any questions you may have about how to adopt or impliment them.


We already have some great plans for the next few, and we will share details on these shortly. We would also love to hear from you, do you have a topic or an product you would like to learn more about?


If so go to the Community Ideas board and submit a new idea, making sure to select Tech Community Topic or AMA Topic for the label. This will then allow us to gague interest on a specific topic and hopefully help make these events more compelling for you. 

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