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when it comes to community forums, I can find 2 main forums from MS. What is the purpose/use cases for both? I don't know which I should be using.

I am aware of and

What is your opinion?
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@Rui Cabral Answers is for official Microsoft support. The Microsoft Tech Community is for community conversations, community events, Microsoft blogs from the product teams and for on-demand content for Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Ignite The Tour. 


In general, support questions are for an answer that will help you as an individual primarily (or only), i.e. "Fix this one issue I'm having with Word," while community questions are often broader in scope and you'll get a diversity of perspective from experts as well as answers that will help a larger set of people, i.e. "How have you managed infrastructure for Teams within your company? What are some best practices?"  

@Rui Cabral Also answers is for consumer support, so also keep in mind the 

TechNet Forums (for IT support) and MSDN Forums (for developer support).

@Eric Starker , thank you. it clarifies and closes my question.