Metrics after move from Yammer

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@Anna Chu It has been a few months since the ill-conceived move from Yammer. How many people are using this new community as a result of search they performed on the public internet?


What other metrics have been gathered to document the success (or lack thereof) of the move?

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Some interesting metrics can be seen when you look at the badges you 'earned'.

Very low numbers across quite a few ot the most basic acheivements.



I wouldn't say that badges are a good metric to compare, since that was not something we tracked in Yammer. It seems like you already have your mind up, but here are public metrics that you can look at: 


This Community 3 months in: 

  • 29.5K Members
  • 5,188 Conversations <- this is just the start of the topic, not the total number of replies. 


Office 365 Network over 30 months (SPC March 2014 to Aug 2016):

  • 80k Members
  • 560k Conversations 


So, if every conversations has on average 3 replies (just a conservative guess), I think month to month we're excedeing expections.

@Lana O'Brien, thanks but those numbers don't really provide any insight into how many people are coming to this network as a result of doing a search (which was the stated reason for moving from a very sucessful and easy to use yammer network)


Those numbers do indicate that more than 50% of the yammer network members have not moved into this new community. That tells me that we lost a lot of opportunities to converse with people that had been motivated enough to register through Yammer.

I will check to see if we have plans to publicly share that information. 

Hey Dean, 


I am happy to share a few numbers, but first I'd like to note that you are missing a VERY large piece of the puzzle when thinking about why we moved and measuring the success of our move. The ability to lurk and get content out from behind the Yammer sign on wall is clearly larger than just being indexable. Also, Yammer doesn't offer the customizations that we need as a marketing community and platform. It also didn't allow for a community structure, since there are no sub-groups or hierarchy. The list goes on and on, but that 90k number is not reflective of the actual engaged users on the community. Traffic, usage, consumption, etc. of this community in just 3 months has FAR exceeded the Office 365 Network on Yammer. And we are growing and growing every day and planning tons of new improvements and have new product teams joining each week.


In terms of traffic, so far search engines have referred more than 25,000 entrances to this community resulting in 2 million minutes spent on our site. Articles by our engineering and product marketing teams are individually receiving thousands (sometimes upwards of 30k) views. Our Ignite content (our community was backend social experience for Tech Summit and Ignite) are receiving thousands of views.


None of this happens if the community stays on Yammer.

You've been very vocal about your thoughts on this community, and we know we have work to do to improve the experience, but we are moving in the right direction. The incredible growth of this community (both internally and externally) are proof of that. We'll try to stay as transparent as possible and I hope we can win you over soon. 







I will be a lot more satisfied with this community when the UI stops becoming a huge annoyance.


The Yamjams used to be exciting and fun, the AMAs yesterday were incredibly difficult to follow and participate in.


The fact that I can't see Unread content is BEYOND frustrating

Just found that badges metric. Yes, that's not a good to compare, but good enough to see the stats. From about 30K members

- only ~1.7K started at least one conversation and ~3.2K make at least one reply. Other more than 25K posted nothing.

- if to calculate bit more active people 170 (not K, just 170) started at least 5 conversations and ~550 posted 5 and more replies.


That's if badges stats is correct, this site doesn't like arithmetic - i often see negative number of conversations on community tile, etc.


And if take Lana's figures

- 0.18 conversations/member and 1,729 conversations/month for this community

- 7.0 conversations/member and 18,667 conversations/month for O365 network


Let compare in 27 months...