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Two questions: 

1) Although I have no unread PM's, I can't get rid of the message counter in my avatar that suggests that I do have one. Can delete all messages (incoming and outgoing), but the counter still says I have one unread message.

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 06.17.56.png

2) When I'm logged in and navigate to the Excel space, I have a "Welcome to your Excel discussion space" by Cuong, pinned at the top of the conversation list. That's fine. The next item is a "regular" conversation from October 2020 that I must have read and perhaps, accidentally, marked as "to be pinned to the top of my space". Don't even know how to do that. It does not appear when I go the Excel page without logging in. Would like to get rid of the second pinned conversation.


Can't find any setting that has an effect on either of these issues. Suggestions on how to fix them?

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When you hover over the mark as read all option it works fine for me.Zrzut ekranu 2021-08-18 120123.png

@A1 Tried that. Even deleted all messages. I still have the badge indicating that there is one unread message.



I have the same issue with my Personal Message icon. All messages have been read, most if not all replied to...some deleted. Definitely none that are new or unread. As new ones get added, I'll see a "2" appear there, but it goes away when I read and respond. Just the "1" remains. 



@Riny_van_Eekelen Are you working for a company involved in the WC3 program? Because I experienced the same thing even with regular apps marked as notifications on my phone and then I long in and nothing. It’s a way for the person or people spying on you to pull instructions on their target. Instead of having a paper trail and text messages proving invasion of privacy between person watching you and being able to prove easily. Governments, Google, Amazon, NSA, and even Hackers can use that message as a flag and starting point. Inside the hidden message contains directives on how to proceed. What you need to do is find that message some how go into you drafts or try opening your messages on a different browser and delete it. It’s all part of the censorship and hacking and with both doing the same attacking easy people who are just trying to do life it’s hard to distinguish. Except when you have the government sitting in your front yard and following you and even hacking your car computer.


Hi, this link is useless!
It will be best if you write in more detail how to fix it?

@A1 Just ignore it!

Could it be a "Reaction" to one of your PM's that you just need to click on to "Reactions" icon to clear. The other thing I can think of is that there is an unchecked message in a Break Out room chat?

@Riny_van_Eekelen & @mathetes 


I can confirm the first issue your reporting, I have checked all our APIs and they show you have 1 unread message but when I ask the APIs to show me the unread message nothing shows up. I have to confess I have no idea why the system is doing that! I will escalate this to our platform engineers for investigation.


I am unable to duplicate the second issue @Riny_van_Eekelen can you confirm if this is still an issue and the exact steps you take to make it occur?


All the best!


@Allen Thanks for the feedback. Issue 2 has been resolved, thou I can't tell why.


Could it be because of logging into instead of microsoft and the automation on the API cant mirror the window right from the microsoft portal therefore not clearing it?



Thank you for the contribution, I understand why you suggested that, but we don't mirror anything from the Microsoft Portal, even if it does look similar, the systems are insular from each other.


All the best