Merging or deleting an account

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I have two accounts (though I can't remember why). One account was established using my organization's ID. I will no longer be able to login to this account effective 3/31. Is there a way for me to merge this account with my personal one? If not, can it be deleted? 

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Hi Diane, 


Yes, we can merge accounts. Can you PM me a link to each account and let me know which one you would like to continue to log in to?


Thank you!

 found myself in the same position, I have a Microsoft Account and an Org (Off365) account that I would like to consolidate towards my Org account. Is that possible?

@Nicolas Blank I'm not sure what Lana is referring to (she is no longer on our team) but unfortunately, we don't have the ability to merge accounts. We can boost the contributor level of one account to match the other, and transfer any roles over, but we can't move activity from one account to another. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I've responded via email to your inquiry so let's continue communicating there.