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The question I am going to ask is related to the Human of IT forum and I asked it few months ago but no reply. Here is my post Future of Mentorship in the forum - Microsoft Tech Community.

In this forum, there used to be a mentorship app where mentees and mentors would be able to interact. Few months ago, they post we are going to shutdown the app and have a forum for this and share an email (which I sent an email). However, I noticed they removed the app and they didn't response to my email and when I asked question in the forum, there is no response.


I am posting this message here hope you may route it to the correct person and tell us what happens to the mentorship?

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Yes, there is a session about the mentorship.
But I am not sure whether there is any announcement regarding to this forum. I believe the session would be tips and tricks.
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I believe you should be all set as your original post: has been replied to by the Humans of IT Team. 

Hi @Eric Starker 

Yes, you are correct, I posted there and wait for a while with no response and because there was no reply , I post it here.

Everything is working as expected and thank you for follow up.