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I Have a database that lists a drug name, cost, date purchased, Refill Date, and Pharmacy Name. Within that there are some drugs with a 30 day prescription and others with a 90 day prescription. I want the 30 day scripts to auto fill the refill date and then 90 days have 90 days have its own auto fill, Do I use a If/Then statement? How would it be coded and where, within a query?


I have a yes/no field to indicate that the drug is 30 days and one for 90 days


I also want the Pharmacy Name field to be a drop down where I can select the Pharmacy name


The reports I want to have sort out  30 days and 90 days separately. Please help.


Please see the attached database. Also please email your reply to

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I'm sorry, I don't understand. Is this an Excel spreadsheet? There was no file attached. If so, best to post it to the Excel community. I'm happy to move it into that area for you if you like! 


Also, we discourage asking for people to directly email you the solution, as we'd like the whole community to benefit from the answer to your question!