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Hello All,


I am new to this site and I have a MDT question. Please help if you can, thanks in advance.


I watched this video on youtube -

Awesome video, very helpful. I have a question, @ 4:35, how did he get the "Select a task sequence to execute on this computer" window to open on the Win 7 OS and not boot to PXE?

I have using MDT, but I have never been able to do that. I always boot into pxe and eventually I get the "Select a task sequence to execute on this computer" window.

Thank you.

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Hi Quirino,


From the computer itself, just connect the deploymentshare and then execute the litetouch.vbs script


You will have the wizard you mentioned

Hope it helps



Gregory B


Thank you Gregory, that was easy and it worked.


This also helped me figure out how to install apps only (not image).

Create a Custom Task Sequence, choose your apps, launch the task sequnce the way you suggested in Windows, choose the task sequence you created and the install begins.


-Thansk again!!