Marking the topic - as the best answer in the MTC, How to proceed if someone provides a better solut

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Hello everyone. Marking the topic - in the MTC , This important thing basically means ending the discussion, but how to behave when the next answer is definitely better - this is an interesting problem and certainly giving the best answer will not be easy! Any MTC Member can find himself in such a situation and what would be the most appropriate? I think it will be an interesting discussion.
Thank you

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That was discussed here at least couple of times. Cynic view, Best solution and likes are needed to improve visibility of the resource on the web.  From that point of view it doesn't matter which answer is marked as "best", any one works.

From practical point of view yes, what is the "best" very depends on concrete situation. From my point of view the best is to check entire thread, not only marked answer.

Hi I want good solutions to be visible, and already obsolete, or simply outdated - may have been deprived of such a designation, so as not to mislead! I'm here not long and for me it requires further discussion! Thank you very much for your explanations, but for me it's not enough! Andrzej
I know how to do it easily! it is enough to mark as the second best answer because no one will be deprived of the best answers, and at the same time we will get a lot of commitment and the opportunity to support subsequent answers!
I think it's a good idea! Please support and further feedback is interesting what you think?


Afraid there is no golden rule here. I personally don't care it'll be one or five best answers in the thread - read everything if I'm interesting in subject. But if go to multiple best answers perhaps it's better to shift on kudos or like. More kudos the post have more adequate it for the majority of people.

Yes of course! But reading the whole story is often a waste of time. I think adding opportunities as an additional option to mark the best answer will be helpful and will provide an opportunity to improve and properly direct people to the right answer – reading multiple answers simultaneously is not easy for beginners! You're right that there's no perfect idea, but i'm missing it a lot at the MTC at the time.
It's not good if I can't re-verify the designation if my awareness is that the answer I've marked as the best - it's not! principles of good practice in this case, the MTC ignores. ...
Hello everyone. I added a link. this discussion, because it contains a lot of explanations - certainly confirms that this matter is a lot of doubts that need to be improved and that's what I would ask

Hello everyone!
When I analysed the Code of Conduct in the MTC, I did not find the full answer, how would I do if I wanted to mark the second answer as the best?
That is why I believe that this discussion is still needed!
Please write your suggestions!
Thank you in advances!

For me, the labels mark as the best answer are too big -you can accidentally mark and really should be an option to minimise the label, especially if you use touch!



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The author can mark a solution as best solution, if another reply comes in and its a better solution the author of the question can change that also. Obviously Admins and employees can also change it so if you encounter any problems do email us.




Hello everyone!

Thank you for your explanation, it just requires direct contact and moderator!

I still have a question because a lot of posts are not tagged, and it seems that the solution was in the answers, and the author remains passive and does not mean the answer as the best?