Making the best use of Delve blogs - options for publishing to a wider audience?

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Looking for some advice here on how to promote Delve blog posts: Delve is not currently widely used/explored yet in our organization (we are working on that! :)) so those colleagues who are active bloggers are somewhat frustrated with the limited reach / visibility their blog posts have (beyond the sharing option to Yammer). It's obviously not a great incentive for putting time and energy into blog posts if you think no one will see or read them. Any advice on how to address this in the current set-up of Delve and is there anything on the roadmap that could address this painpoint? I couldn't find any pointers on the O365 roadmap but maybe others here might be aware or have found good ways of dealing with the same question. Thanks!

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Your question would probably get more input if posted in the SharePoint or Delve communities!


I don't know of anything that is on the roadmap for Delve but perhaps could a SharePoint Communication site be used to spotlight blogs or create news items instead.  That might be one way of doing it and the authoring experience would be similar to Delve blogs and would be more discoverable if all on a site like this.  Upcoming features include likes and comments that could increase engagement plus a new Site usage page.



Thanks for the pointers, Cian! I will repost in the Delve community as well. We are waiting for the roll-out of the Communication site and can then explore your suggestion of potentially repurposing news items for blogging purposes. Thanks a lot!