Loses sign in info every day

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Why this site loses sign in info so quickly? No matter on my PC (Firefox) or on mobile (Chrome) i have to login again almost every day. When i press Sign in, it actually remembers my previous sign in info and i press on it and it signs in without password. On my PC there were also Office 365 account being used at some point. But on mobile it is a fresh profile with just this MSA account used. I have tried to remove techcomm cookies, but it doesn't help.


Also, often on Firefox (not just on this PC) it loads this way and i have to refresh the page again.techcomm_error2.png

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Btw, i have tried to remove all office.com, outlook, microsoft related cookies and it still suggest my MFA login on Sign in page and logs me in automatically. Not sure how to remove MFA login cookie (i don't want to remove all the other cookies and then having to login to 100 pages again..).
By MFA i was referring to my work account (which actually doesn't have MFA enabled, but that's not important). I'm not longer using my work account. And every day it asks to login again. A few weeks ago it was actually showing my account name and after clicking on it it would automatically login. Now i have to enter my login email address every time. But after this it doesn't ask for a password, just logs me in. Happens every day in the evening. Although i can browse whole day without problems. It seems as if login cookie is only valid for 24 hours. But why it doesn't ask for a password then? Btw, now it only happens on my PC in Firefox. On mobile it stays logged (i have never logged on this new phone with work account though). I have tried again to delete all ms tech community and microsoft related cookies and it asked for login on refresh, but still didn't ask for a password anyway and this issue is still happening.