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I don't seem to be able to log in using my Office 365 work account.

I get redirected to my ADFS authentication and then the login process fails. I've logged in with a Microsoft personal account of the same email address - after failing with the work Office 365 account.





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Btw, it also took me a short while to work out that "Discussion" was where I should add a problem/feedback. It didn't exactly jump out at me at first.

Nobody else having an issue logging in via ADFS authentication?

Rik, we also use ADFS authentication and have no problems with logging. Perhaps some settings for ADFS authentication are to be corrected, but i'm not familiar with this stuff.
Cheers Sergei, it's strange, but thanks. At least I know it's likely to be something at our end then :)

We haven't seen this issue, but thank you for flagging. CC @Michael Holste

@Lana O'Brien I try not to tag you but you always know the answer or where to find it!! So, here goes - my issue is slightly linked to this login query. 


I signed into this community via Edge a while ago - all good. More recently, and after having to clear out cookies and history, I can only sign into this account via Chrome (it shows my pic, my communities, my posts) and when I sign in via Edge, it says I'm signing in with same O365 account login but takes me to a new profile that has nothing in it! WT?


This has been happening consistently for at least the past week (maybe longer). And I think I've even cleared the cookies and history a second time to see if that fixed it and it didn't!


Where do I go to ask for help with this or who should I tell?? 

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Hi @Rik Holmes we have seen others not able to sign in with their Org ID. This may be an issue with your Office 365/AzureAD administrator not allowing your business credentials to be used with applications. Your admin would need to change the permissions on your access of Office 365 apps/Azure AD apps – or you can simply use your Microsoft Account (MSA) e.g. an email address.

@Liz Pommer Sorry to hear this is your experience but we can see there is one account associated to your work credentials and another possibly to your personal account.  You mentioned you logged in with your O365 credentials each time so unsure why that is the case.  Can you PM @Lana O'Brien and she'll be able to help you out.  If you share the URL of both your profiles that would be helpful.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for that. I've traced the issue down to the Office 365 Admin (New) > settings > services and add-ins > Integrated Apps setting in our organisation - it was set to "off". I believe that our security team had requested this at the start of the Office 365 migration and it had never been revisited.

I have now set the Integrated Apps setting to "on" and can log in without issue.

Many thanks!

Thanks @Anna Chu ! I'll PM @Lana O'Brien as soon as I work out how to PM in this space Woman LOL

@Liz Pommer You can find instructions on how to PM in the 'Getting Started' Guide here:


It is rather long but we are planning to break up this guide into shorter posts.  In this meantime you can find the info here.