Language Translation is currently disabled

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Hi all,


We have discovered a bug in our AI language translation feature and while we work to fix it, we have turned off AI Translation. 


I will update here once it is fixed and, in the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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Yes, but using Edge the site is translated correctly into the Windows language, so this is a small problem only for some users.

Language translation issues have now been fixed and language translation is now available again.


Due to the backlog it may take longer than usual to get any translations requested but we have scaled up the resources allocated to it so we hope to keep any delay to a minimum. 



Is it turned off again? It currently appears not to be in the UI anywhere.
Hi Jan,

Thanks for posting, unfortunately we had to turn this service off, the cost to run it compared with the incredibly low utilization of the service meant it was unsustainable.

It’s been off now since July 1st.

Apologies for any inconvenience
Pity. Especially in the Excel community I regularly see posts in languages other than English. I can no longer answer those.

We did a quick study of some users who did use our translation service and many of them told us they use their browsers built in translator service on other sites or copy questions into a translator service.

I realise it’s an extra step but in the current economic climate we had to make some tough choices on what we invested in.