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2nd question. Given that the only label available in this discussion is "Community", why on earth are you making me fill it in manually!! In fact, what good does it do to have only a single label anyway given that you don't appear to be able to create your own?


And a UX point, if you are going to present a list of options, it is considered good practice to visually associate the list with the request and the result. There is far too much verticle white-space between the label entry box (which is itself superfluous given you cannot actually enter new labels), the heading for the list and the list itself. It would probably be much better to make the label list a set of checkboxes or similar. Save a lot of confusion.

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Hi @Julian Knight - we plan to add additonal label options for each group. While you won't be able to create your own labels, you can create your own message tags. Thanks for your UX feedback, too!

We'll fix the label issue in the community area asap.
Has this been done? I need a page of different labels.