Is there an off-topic, non 'shop talk' space?

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Or are we strictly all about business here :cool:

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Hi, According to the code of this Community - A member should start a discussion in the right space to reach directly to people who are interested and knowledgeable in the right topic:

Communities - Microsoft Tech Community

@dimforest I don't think it's all business all the time here - definitely moments for levity or sharing personal anecdotes - but currently all of our topics are based around either products or technology areas and we don't currently have discussion spaces for conversations unrelated to the technical nature/topics of the community.


We generally feel like there are existing outlets outside of Tech Community for off-topic conversations, but you can always submit such as an idea in our ideas space for future consideration! 

@dimforest Also, while it's not precisely what you're suggesting, you might take a look at the Humans of IT community, which is more around professional networking and development rather than a focus on deep-dive technical questions.