Is there an appropriate place to post a job opening seeking an Azure Sentinel engineer?

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Is there anywhere in this tech community that would be an appropriate place to share job opportunities specifically for people with experience in Azure Sentinel? Thanks for any guidance.
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Hi @rpargman 


Microsoft Technical Community is for technical discussion and solving issues and there is no place to discuss about career opportunity.

There is forum known as Humans of IT - Microsoft Tech Community where you could become mentor and/or mentee and share knowledge but it is not a good place to share career opportunity.

I believe the best option would be LinkedIn which is dedicated for career opportunity.


Thank you very much! I’ll keep using LinkedIn for job postings. Thanks for telling me about Humans of IT discussion. That sounds really valuable!
Welcome, glad it was helpful.
You may also add your LinkedIn profile to the profile page in this Microsoft Technical Community website, so anyone interested to reach you out , will know where should visit.