Is there a new member procedure/criteria one must meet before being able to post?

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I didn't see any mention of such a thing, but I posted my first discussion, here..  And yet, for some reason my profile still shows 0 posts, and searching for the post did not populate it, neither did searching by my user.  The only way I was able to find the thread again was by pulling it directly from my browser's history entry.  Please advise?

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Okay, upon closer inspection I noticed the two portals seem to be different and entirely separate user spaces and profiles.  The fact that both seem to feature the word "Community" prominently on the top left corner really doesn't help new users keep their bearings.

Yup, Microsoft Answers and Microsoft Tech Community create different profiles for you :)

@Arctiic Sorry for any confusion!


Yes, @HotCakeX is correct in that Microsoft Answers is a different community (more tech support focused).