Is the Windows Community Hub dead?

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Since I have joined Microsoft Tech Community there is one community hub where I have seen no official responses or posts by Microsoft Employees over there and it is the Windows Community Hub. There are no new builds posts, updates, replies to user's posts, absolutely nothing. People come here as this is Microsoft's official community website but seems to be abandoned by Microsoft Employees themselves. I see that there are Microsoft Windows Employees on Twitter or Reddit replying to posts or posting about new Windows Insider or Windows Version release but never saw it here. If there's no such thing happening here then I think the Microsoft Tech Community team should be thinking to remove this community hub then.

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@TheShaunSaw   Hi!


Thank you for this topic - you raised a significant problem!

You really need to talk about it, MTC is not technical support, but a lot of people 

so he thinks - asking for a solution!

Mutual selfless help of MTC Members does not meet the expectations of many users often see it!

@TheShaunSaw  Hi!

If there was a survey and there would be a query - 1 do you expect a response from a Microsoft employee (everyone would tick yes!)
2 Do you want technical support when asking a technical question - do you want technical support in the MTC? (most would say Yes!)
This is a fundamental issue that is very visible with Windows11 because there is no support from Microsoft employees at MTC.
Meeting rye about Windows11 – it was really great – should be every week!

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Perfect - there is a microsoft employee's answer!

We invite you more often - we are waiting for an answer!


This is what we want, I am always happy to see how fast Microsoft Employees see and work on their customer feedback. I just opened this conversation to create awareness about it days ago and changes happened instantaneously :)